Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is a serious issue that involves discriminating against an individual due to his/her race. Racial discrimination is also known as racial profiling and is against the law across the United States. If you have been a victim of racial discrimination in any shape or form, then you may have the right to legal action.

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Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Under the Civil Right Act, intentional race discrimination in an employment setting is against the law. The Act prohibits race discrimination in the workplace by public and private employers, labor organizations, employment agencies, training programs, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that racial discrimination doesn’t happen all the time.

Instances of racial discrimination in the workplace include:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Unequal payment or severance packages
  • Missing out on a position of employment due to your race
  • Missing out on an opportunity for promotion due to your race

Race Discrimination Laws in Minnesota

Racial discrimination occurs outside of the workplace all the time as well. Another area where racial discrimination takes place is in the public services and law enforcement fields. If you have been arrested by a police officer due to your race, then you could be looking at a racial discrimination case.

Race discrimination happens in everyday life all the time. You may be racially discriminated against if you are denied a loan, if you are denied a position in a school or even if you are denied entry into a club. Businesses, organizations, federal institutes, property managers, educational institutes and several other trusted and respectful corporations have been found guilty of racial discrimination.

Protecting the People

One of the biggest concerns surrounding race discrimination is that it can be hard to prove. Furthermore, it can be a lot of hard work going up against a large company or institution. Because of this, many individuals will accept racial discrimination as a part of life and try to move on.  There is another way – you can choose to stand up for what’s right. With the help of an experienced Minnesota discrimination lawyer, you can help put an end to racial discrimination.

Free Case Evaluation

Racial discrimination should not be tolerated in any social setting. Everyone, regardless of the color of your skin, deserves the same opportunities in life. Many institutions and businesses forget this. Zorislav R. Leyderman, Attorney at Law, is committed to putting an end to discrimination in all settings, including racial discrimination.  He has dedicated his professional career to fighting on behalf of victims of racial discrimination. This is his passion and he promises to you that your voice will be heard.

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