Medical Abuse and Neglect

Medical Abuse & Neglect Lawyer Minnesota

U.S. jails are required by law to provide adequate medical care to prisoners, including physical and mental health. In Minnesota, inmates have the right to have access to basic medical care under the law.

Unfortunately, a combination of negligence and the wish to cut costs often conspire against the quality of care provided to inmates. Also, because of the situation and the vulnerability, inmates often feel intimidated and powerless to exercise their civil rights.

The issue of providing inmates access to health care is not new to prison and jail operations functioning in the 21st century. Most prison and jail administrators provide inmates access to health care daily. It is imperative to know a prisoner’s rights when it comes to medical assistance in jail to guarantee that your or your loved one’s rights are covered.

Jail/Prison Medical Abuse and Neglect

Medical abuse and negligence can vary according to the different circumstances and needs. Deliberate indifference to a prisoner’s suffering can constitute cruel and unusual punishment, and it is against the law.

Medical malpractices and negligence are not acceptable as every prisoner has the right to receive basic medical assistance and safety conditions while serving their time.

Here are some examples of abuse and neglect situations according to the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution and prisoner’s right involving jail or prison medical negligence:

  • Delaying medical care for an unreasonably long period of time
  • Failure to treat a serious medical condition
  • Ignoring an inmate’s medical condition
  • Failure to provide access to a doctor or appropriate medical personnel
  • Housing inmates in inhumane conditions
  • Housing inmates with other inmates with known infectious diseases
  • Denying access to medical care
  • Denying access to medication
  • Ignoring severe injuries or illnesses
  • Medical malpractices
  • Prison medical abuses
  • Denying access to mental health services
  • Failing to prevent suicide by asphyxiation
  • Denying medical detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol

Jail/Prison Medical Abuse Claims

Because of the complexity of these claims, often involving medical contractors, jails administrators, officers, employees, and other inmates, it is not easy to settle and prove the case. Jails, prisons, and medical contractors have many ways of covering up their medical neglect of inmates. The longer you wait, the colder the traces of wrongdoing will be.

Having professional legal assistance to help you in your case is crucial to guarantee your rights, safety, and wellbeing while in jail. Remember that being in prison does not mean you do not deserve to be treated as a human and do not deserve medical treatment.

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