Wrongful Death by Police

Wrongful Death By Police

The Law Office of Zorislav R. Leyderman proudly practices in the area of wrongful death by police. In a world where police brutality and deadly force are far too common, it is now more important than ever to hold them accountable.
When a death occurs as a result of excessive force by police, our firm is ready to secure justice for the families of victims. We work hand-in-hand with many different specialists to determine what really happened, why, and how.

Arrested man in handcuffs with handcuffed hands behind back in prison

A complete understanding of what happened is crucial for us to do our job, making it easier to secure the justice our clients and the victims deserve

Knowing the Law

There is a lot of law specifically addressing the use of force by law enforcement. To win cases of wrongful death by police shooting, it requires a thorough understanding of these laws.

Because police are allowed the use of reasonable force, there is always the question of where the line crosses to excessive and unreasonable.

For this reason, the facts are of the highest importance. We are seasoned experts in the investigation and research phase of police shooting cases.

Use of Experts

Knowing who to rely upon to recreate the circumstances of such a tragic event can make all the difference.

Our firm has access to specialists in every field related to situations like police shootings. These specialists help us to understand what happened and where things went wrong. This allows us to find the facts and use them to secure swift justice.

While there will always be a defense presented, the work we do to uncover the truth with the help of these specialists paints an accurate picture that juries will understand.

Knowing the Defense

Standing on the right side of the law and speaking for those families whose lives have been changed as a result of police shootings will not in and of itself secure justice. Understanding how the defense thinks and being completely familiar with any and all laws that could be used as a defense of their actions is crucial.

Understanding points of law like “qualified immunity” that releases law enforcement officers from liability in a variety of circumstances is of the utmost importance. Our firm takes the time to think like the defense and know every word of the law from every angle.

Holding Law Enforcement to a Higher Standard

There’s nothing easy about proving excessive force by law enforcement. But our firm won’t turn away from the challenge when the facts support wrongful death.

More than just the monetary claim, taking legal action against law enforcement agencies and municipalities hold them accountable and keep them in check. No one is above the law, not even those that are charged with its enforcement. For this reason, we will always look into the daily practices of the department in question.

Knowing how they operate historically helps to paint a picture. It is through wrongful death action that departments have made very necessary changes to the way they operate. This systemic change is just as important as any monetary compensation.

Discussing Your Options

There are many different types of damages that can be awarded in wrongful death cases involving police shooting. Whether it’s damages related to medical costs, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and of course in the case of death, damages based upon the loss of the loved one.

Officers can potentially be found to have completely disregarded the rights of the victim, resulting in additional punitive damages. Each case is unique and we are happy to go provide you with assistance in understanding your options toward seeking justice.

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