Wrongful Convictions & False Arrest

Wrongful Convictions & False Arrest Lawyer in Minnesota

The cold metal of the handcuffs slips over your wrists, and a police officer walks you into a waiting police car. You are confused as you are driven to jail and enter the brutal world of the criminal justice system. The worst part of the whole thing is, you don’t know why you were arrested.

You know you’re innocent and you didn’t break the law. The biggest blow comes when the court finds you guilty. Not only have you been falsely arrested accused, but you’ve been wrongfully convicted.

Unfortunately, this occurs quite often in Minnesota.

Fortunately, it’s possible for courts to overturn wrongful convictions. However, having the sentence overturned doesn’t help with the pain you and your family have undergone. You’ve probably lost your job and career, your friends and family shun you, and the cost of the trial may very well have ruined you financially.

Minnesota Law Is There For You, but You Shouldn’t Do It Alone

Minnesota law provides for people who were wrongfully convicted. However, to make sure you get fairly compensated and receive all of your rights, you should use the help from an excellent Minnesota Civil Rights Attorney.

A civil rights attorney will look out for your rights, and do everything possible to get you treated fairly and equitably by the system.

What Minnesota Law Says About Wrongful Convictions

Minnesota statute 590.11 defines wrongful conviction and the eligibility for compensation. You are considered wrongfully convicted if the following occurs:

  • Your conviction must have been reversed or vacated on the grounds that are consistent with innocence. The prosecutor must also dismiss the charges.
  • If the court orders a new retrial on grounds consistent with innocence, and you are found not guilty in the retrial, or the prosecutor drops the charges, then you were wrongfully convicted.
  • The time to appeal your exoneration has passed and no new charges were filed or the order was affirmed by a higher court.

As you can see, many factors go into determining a wrongful conviction. These factors are the reason you should consult with us, there are many small details involved with the law, and it takes an expert Minnesota civil rights attorney to interpret the findings of the court.

Under Minnesota Law, You Are Entitled To Compensation For A Wrongful Conviction

Minnesota law also covers the type of compensation you are allowed to have for being falsely convicted of a crime. Statute 611.365 states:

  • The state may compensate you for all fees, assessments, court costs, and other costs paid as a result of the wrongful conviction.
  • For each full year of the wrongful conviction you are in prison, you are entitled to at least $50,000. Additionally, you will receive $25,000 for any year you were placed on supervised release or labeled a predatory offender.
  • You are entitled to be compensated for attorney’s fees, lost wages, medical and dental costs, mental health costs, and any future costs resulting from the wrongful conviction.
  • You may also receive compensation to help you begin a new career. This includes money for job-training, university costs, job placement, and other employment costs.

There are other items you may receive compensation for, including the costs of reintegrating into society and child-care expenses.

There Are Limitations and Deadlines

However, just because you are entitled to compensation doesn’t mean the court or the state is going to tell you. Also, there are time limits for you to file your claim. This is the reason you should consult with a Minnesota civil rights attorney like Zorislav Leyderman.

Attorney Zorislav Leyderman is a highly experienced Minnesota civil rights attorney. Since law school, he has fought against wrongful arrests and convictions. He dedicates his practice to helping those who need legal assistance the most, the people who don’t have the knowledge or resources to protect themselves.

If you or somebody you care about was wrongfully convicted, don’t hesitate to call us. We want to help you get your life back on track and protect you, so it never happens again. Contact us as soon as possible, so we can look at your case and give you the information you need.

Remember, you shouldn’t go through this alone.