Inmate Suicide

Inmate Suicide In Jail/Prison in Minnesota

Inmate suicide in correctional facilities is a real problem in the U.S. In fact, according to the U.S Department of Justice, from 2001 to 2019, the number of suicides increased 85% in state prisons, 61% in federal prisons, and 13% in local jails.

Suicide is a threat to all individuals involved in corrections, including correction officers, who have a high occupational suicide rate. The rates of inmate suicide are even higher for special populations (including juvenile and LGBTQ+, Black men, and Hispanics).

U.S. jails are required by law to provide basic medical care to prisoners, including physical and mental health. When a jail or prison inmate has been deemed a suicide risk for any reason, it is standard procedure to take steps to keep that inmate safe.

Possible causes of suicide in Prison/Jail

There are several reasons that inmates feel suicidal. Some have already arrived with a history of mental health like depression and anxiety, and others have started developing suicidal thoughts at the correctional facility.

According to the same research, two-thirds (66%) of local jail suicides during 2015-19 occurred within the first 30 days of incarceration, and 44% occurred within the first week. Here are some examples of possible causes that can contribute to suicidal thoughts in prison.

  • A setback or unexpected news about their legal case.
  • Relationship problems outside the correctional facility.
  • Issues with family members or children.
  • Financial problems.
  • Feelings of isolation from the outside world.
  • Abandonment from family and/or friends.
  • Conflicts with another inmate.

Individuals who are first-time incarcerated have a higher chance to commit suicide or develop suicidal thoughts. Improving screening and prevention is key to maintaining inmates’ safety and health while dealing with mental health issues in prison and jail.

Inmate Suicide Help

As a family member or a friend of an inmate, you can seek help to keep your loved one safe and with their essential medical assistance guaranteed by law. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to detect when someone is suffering from suicidal thoughts while in prison or jail because it happens quietly most of the time.

Having professional legal assistance to help you in your case is crucial to guarantee your loved one’s rights, safety, and wellbeing while in jail.

If you know someone who was not treated right while in jail and committed suicide or developed suicidal thoughts and nothing was done to keep them safe, it is time to fight for justice.

You Legal Defense

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