Excessive Force By Police Lawyer Minnesota

Television and movies often portray police officers as ‘dirty cops,’ accepting bribes, spending time in strip clubs and playing around with their weapons like it is a game. While we all find this entertainment amusing, the harsh reality is that police officers like this do exist outside the small screen. Excessive force/police brutality is no laughing matter.

If you have been a victim of police brutality in any shape or form, then you need to speak out against this attack. Zorislav R. Leyderman is a trusted and experienced Minnesota civil rights lawyer that has worked with numerous victims of police brutality and excessive force. If you feel like you have been a victim of police brutality or have experienced police misconduct in any way, then contact Zorislav R. Leyderman, Attorney at Law, at 612-876-6626 today.

Minnesota Excessive Force

Excessive force refers to a police officer using excessive physical force to restrain a citizen. This includes pushing, punching, shoving, kicking, throwing the victim on the ground or unnecessarily hurting the victim in any other way. If the citizen is a danger to the public and the officer, then excessive force may be necessary; however, there are many instances where excessive force is used just for the sake of it. This is not acceptable behavior and should not be tolerated in society.

Police Brutality and Your Rights

Excessive force can leave you feeling both physically and emotionally scarred. You may be left with bruises, cuts and bleeding where you have been attacked, but you may also feel that you have been violated emotionally. Police officers are supposed to protect citizens from harm, not cause the harm themselves. When this happens, it can be hard to grasp what has happened and may leave you feeling like you have done something wrong.

In many instances this is not the case. Furthermore, no police officer has the right to use excessive force and violate the constitution. Zorislav R. Leyderman, Attorney at Law, can help you stand up for your rights. Do not let the bad guys win – fight for what’s right and help ensure that this type of unacceptable behavior does not happen over and over again.

Stand Up for Justice

Zorislav R. Leyderman, Attorney at Law has offered legal advice to numerous victims of police brutality, excessive force and discrimination across Minnesota. As an experienced Minnesota police misconduct lawyer, he understands how this type of attack can leave you shattered both on the inside and on the outside. You may feel like you should simply accept what has happened and move on, but this is not your only option. Zorislav R. Leyderman can provide you with a way to fight back against this mistreatment. As a compassionate and experienced civil rights attorney, you can trust the guidance and legal advice offered by Zorislav R. Leyderman.

Contact Minnesota Police Brutality Lawyer

If you have been a victim of excessive force, either during an arrest or during a confrontation with a police officer, then you are probably overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. Anger, embarrassment, shame, shock and frustration are probably all pulsing through your body. Let Zorislav R. Leyderman help you come to terms with what has happened and help you gain the civil justice you deserve to move forward and restore your life.

Contact Minnesota police misconduct lawyer Zorislav R. Leyderman today at 612-876-6626 to discuss your legal rights.