Service Animal Discrimination

Service Animal Discrimination Lawyer Minnesota

Service animals are animals trained to perform specific functions and services to assist someone with disabilities, including physical, emotional, and psychological conditions. These animals are specially trained to help these individuals live their lives as independently as possible.

Some public members may attempt to deny access of individuals and their service animals to their premises due to the lack of knowledge, or they may not want to comply with the law.

Owners of service animals have specific rights, especially regarding employment, access to public places, and housing. Failing to allow access to individuals with assistance animals may breach Federal and State laws.

Service Animal Rights

The Americans with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA, protects individuals against discrimination based on disability. Title III of the ADA mandates that any entity open to the public must be accessible to people with disabilities. It also protects the rights of individuals who are assigned with service animals to bring them into public places.

The ADA defines “public place” as any location where the public is invited or permitted to be, including but not limited to:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Public transportation
  • Public restrooms
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office buildings
  • Movie theaters
  • Airplanes
  • Medical Offices

Service Animal Assistance

The type of assistance a service animal may provide varies.  A person may have a disability that is physical or “obvious” to the public eyes (blindness, for example). Also, an individual may have a disability that is not “so obvious” to the eyes or evident (a mental or invisible disability such as post-traumatic stress disorder or epilepsy).

Animal services can provide safety and support. Some examples include:

  • Guiding a person who is blind.
  • Alerting a person who is Deaf.
  • Pulling a wheelchair.
  • Alerting or protecting an individual who is having a seizure.
  • Reminding an individual with a mental illness to take their prescribed medication.

Service Animal Discrimination Lawyer

It is possible to discriminate without intending to violate the law. However, if you believe you were discriminated against because of your service animal or you were denied lawful entry to a public space, do not wait and contact an attorney to help you or your loved one be free from discrimination related to your use of a service animal.

Remember to take notes and write all the details, including time, names, witnesses, date, and place to help in your case. Professional legal assistance with knowledge and experience will help you fight for your rights, whether you face housing, transportation, employment, or access discrimination based on your disability and your service animal.

You Legal Defense

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